Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Korean Traditional Food in Samcehong-Dong , Seoul

I had just landed and showered after the 12hrs flight to Seoul , when my brother in law kindly invited me out for a Korean Traditional food  feast. I have to say this meal was lovely , Kam-sam-hamida brother in law.

The Restaurant name is Solmoe-Maeul and is located on the main road in  Samcheong-dong. The Restaurant itself is a hanjeongsik which is basically the traditional korean foods of many many  side dishes.

The above is home made rice wine which is a traditional liquor called Donggongju , it is so called this because the grains of boiled rice float to the surface as its being brewed. Generally i dont like rice wine but this was lovely and really cured my Jetlag.
Interior of the Restaurant

Sharing platter of namul
Side dishes and Pajeon

More Side Dishes
 Korean Miso and Japchae

My fav bar in Samcheong dong which sells Spanish beer is close by

The Entrance to the Resturant

Different Types of Jeon and Galbijimm
Before the meal starts we had pumpkin soup

Monday, 20 October 2014

Food and Culture in Seoul

On one day in Seoul i had a lovely Sun Dubu Jjigea meal followed by a trip to Seoul Museum which houses some Modern Korean art . Unfortuantely i wasnt allowed to take any pictures inside the Museum but adjacent to the museum is a Seokpajeong which is a 19th century Korean Building which was a real treat to see.

Yummy Jjigea

The Interior of the Restaurant

The Seokpajeong admist beautiful scenery

Inside the Building

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Changgyeong Palace , Seoul

Seoul has many palaces and it is impossible to not walk past one if your in the centre. This palace was actually a godsend to go to , as its not as big and popular as Gyeongbok palace , and so when i entered the palace i felt tranquil and calm admist the hustle and bustle of the city i felt at peace. The Palace was built by King Sejong in the early 15th century , and makes up one of the 5 Grand palaces of Seoul.

Also in the same area there is an art museum which also is very thought provoking to see.

Changing of the Guard

The Main Gate

Main hall


A View from the steps of the art museum you can see the Palace and Modern Seoul in the Background

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Korean Dumpling Restaurant

We were lucky enough to be taken to this very famous restaurant In Seoul specialising in Dumplings. The View and food were spectactular.

Cool Views of Moutains from our seat

Dumplings and side Dishes

My Lovely Wife and I looking happy at the food infront of us

Mandoo Jeongel

Noodles added to the Broth Later

The Outside
http://www.sonmandoo.com/htm/buam_index.htm ---- The Link of the restaurant

Friday, 17 October 2014

More Meals In Seoul

Today i will blog about a Korean food Chain which i love which i discovered on my first trip to Korea and i liked it so much i went to the one in Singapore to , now this is my third time in a mad for Garlic . Essentially its a fusion between italian food and Korean spice, thus resulting in a very nice meal. The other meal was of a Thai Restaurant in the SFC Mall which was ok but not the best i have had.

Mad 4 Garlic

Seafood Rice

Crab and Lobster Pasta

The Interior of the Thai Restaurant

Fried Fish Stir Fry

Green Curry

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Namdaemum Market , Seoul , Korea

Namdaemum Market , is one of the Largest Markets in South Korea and dates back to 1414. It is opened 24 hrs.

You can see all the goods on offer

Yummy Street food