Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fruit Curry

Fruit Curry might seem a little different to westerners but do give this dish a try its unique and tasty

500g leftover Chicken or Turkey
50g butter
1 onion finely chopped
4 pineapple rings , drained and diced
1 banana cubed
2 apples peeled and diced
4tbsp of medium curry powder
2 tbsp of desiccated coconut
150 ml chicken stock
150 ml of coconut milk
salk and pepper
100 grams of sultanas

Melt half the butter in a pan
 Chop the fruit and veg
 Add the onion , banana , 1 apple ,curry powder , to the pan
 cook for a few minutes

 Then add the coconut milk and stock and simmer for 15 minutes
 pass through the mixture through a sieve so you have a smooth mixture
 Add the desiccatted  cocnut ,chicken and pineapple to the sauce and cook for  5 minutes
 Meanwhile  melt the remaining butter and cook the remaining apple and sultanas for 5 minutes until soft and add to the curry

 Like so
 The meal

Friday, 18 April 2014

Creamy Mushrooms

This dish makes an excellent lunch or a starter for dinner

50 grams of butter
200grams of Mushrooms , coarsely chopped
2 cloves of garlic finely Chopped
2 tsp of  Parprika
3 stalks of Spring Onion
1 tsp of ground nutmeg
3 tbsp of red wine
150 g of half fat soured cream
Parsely chopped for garnish

Gather your ingredients
 Chop the vegetables
 Melt a quarter of the butter
 Fry the mushrooms
add the rest of the  butter and fry the spring onion , garlic , paprika and nutmeg and cook for a few minutes
 add the redwine and cook for a futer minute
Then add in the sour cream
 Then the Parsley
 Serve with Toast or Potatoes , we choose rolls

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Simple Apple and Blackberry Pie with home Made Shortcrust Pastry

This cake can really made with any left of berries in the fridge , and is simple to do , Do  try to make the shortcrust pastry yourself if your have time as its so much softer and lighter than bought pastry.

Ingredients for shortcrust Pastry
125g Plain Flour
pinch of salt
55 grams of butter Cubed
2-3 Tbsp of Cold water

 Sieve the Flour and salt in to a bowl
 Add the Cubed Butter
 Make your hands cold
 Then with your finger tips  rub the butter into the flour until you have a bread crumb like mixture and no large chunks of butter remain

 Like so

 Then make a ball adding water to bind the material together

 Like so then wrap in cling film  and put in the fridge for 15 minutes
 Then roll it out

 Cut your desired shape
 In this case a circle

Apple and Blackberry pie Ingredients
4 eating apples , peeled and cored and sliced
150g of black berries
3 tbsp Demerara Sugar
Squeeze of LEmon Juice
50g Ground almond
1 Large Egg beaten

Gather the Ingredients and preheat the oven to 190  degress celsisus
 Transfer your circle shaped pastry  30 cm in diameter to a greased baking tray
 Mix the apple blackberries sugar and lemon juice in a bowl
 Before adding the fruit mixture  sprinkle the middle of the pastry with ground almonds  then after adding the fruit  fold up the edges and  brush with egg
 The cooked cake Yummy

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pollo alla Valdostana

This Italian dish from the Piedmont region of Italy has always been a firmfavourite of mine. Usually the ham is warpped  round the chicken but i decided to stuff it inside the chicken , i find it makes the chicken more succlent and juicy.

4 Part boned Chicken Breasts
1/2 tsp of Dried Oregano
1/2 tsp of Dried Basil
2 Slices of Parma Ham or any decent italian ham
2 Garlic cloves cruses
2 Tbs of Balsmic Vinegar
6 Tbs of dry white wine of Vermouth
4 thin slices of  Fontina Cheese or any cheese you have

Gather your Ingredients and cut away the fat of the chicken
 Add the Dried herbs inside the Chicken Brest
 Cook the Chicken in Olive oil until it starts to brown
 Then get your ham
 Stuff it carefully inside the Chicken breast and place it  in an oven proof dish
 Prepare the sauce by cooking the Garlic , Balsamic Vinegar and White wine  until boiling
 Pour the Suace over the Chicken
Slice your cheese
 Pt it on top of your breasts and cook for about 30-40 mins at 200 degrees celsisus
 A Chicken Breast Cooked
 The sides